5 Ways to Get Your Furnace Ready for Fall

It is hard to believe that summer is on the way out and fall and winter are right around the corner, so it means it’s time to get that furnace ready. The average household spends about $700 a year for natural gas heating. Don’t be cold or left with a higher bill!

When you want to get your furnace ready for fall, you need to know some key furnace maintenance procedures. Here are 5 ways to get your furnace fall-ready.


  1. Replace Your Filter

Dust, hair, animal dander, and other debris clogs furnace filters throughout the year. Your furnace will have to work even harder with blocked filters. You should change or clean your furnace filter at least every couple months depending on if you have animals, smoke, open windows, or the type of furnace.

  1. Clear the Vents

Blocked wall or floor vents can restrict the airflow throughout your room. Make sure you do not have furniture blocking these vents. Also check the vents for dust, hair, and pet fur.

To clean your ducts and air vents, remove the vent covers using a screwdriver. Then take your vacuum hose to remove all the dust.

When should you have your ducts cleaned professionally? You should hire someone if you recently finished a big remodeling project, someone in your household has allergy issues, or if your furnace filters get dirty quickly.

  1. Remove Items Near Furnace

You should not store anything near your furnace because it is a safety hazard. Your furnace may also have troubles functioning properly if something is too close. You don’t want to block airflow.

You will need to resist that temptation to use that space by the furnace for storage because if it blocks anything, your furnace will start working harder. If your system has to work harder, it will ultimately cost you more money.

  1. Check Your Thermostat

Thermostats are like your remote controls to your HVAC system. If you have an older thermostat, it may not read the temperature accurately. Your furnace cannot run efficiently without a proper temperature reading.

You should change your thermostat from “cool” to “heat” and bump it up a few degrees from current room temperature. Listen for your furnace to kick on. If you don’t hear it click on, pull off the cover and make sure all the connections are secure.

Check that your power source to the HVAC system is on. If you still don’t hear it, you should check your blower, heat pump, or furnace fan. You may want to call a professional if you can’t figure out why your furnace is not kicking on – better now than when it is super cold outside!

  1. Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance Tune-Ups

HVAC systems need maintenance, and it may be more than you think. If you schedule regular tune-ups in the fall, it can help prevent possible breakdowns in the middle of winter.

A technician will make sure your furnace is working properly and may catch a small problem before it becomes a bigger problem. Preventative maintenance can actually save you money in the long run.

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