Heating your home this winter doesn’t have to mean burning through your checking account. Learn how you can lower your heating bill this winter!

Electricity costs are increasing more than ever this winter, so having a good strategy for saving money is a great idea. This will give you more spending money for the holidays and prevent your budget from skyrocketing just so you can keep warm.

Not sure where to start? Here are 11 ways you can save on your heating bill this winter.


Tuneup Your Furnace
Be sure to have your furnace ready for the winter time. With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your comfort system.


Rotate Fans Clockwise
Fans that rotate clockwise are perfect for the cold season as they push hot air down and towards you. This is a great way to keep your home warm.


Adjust the Thermostat at Night
Staying on top of your thermostat at night will allow your home to be cooler at night when you’re sleeping. This will not only lower your heating bill but also help you sleep better.


If you’ve ever been in the Southern states like Texas or Florida in the summertime the humidity makes it even hotter. So let’s utilize this proven fact, humid air feels hotter because it traps the heat. With a humidifier, you can match this effect in your own home and beat the winter dryness.


Bundle Up
When you’re feeling cold, finding alternative ways to heat up that won’t require you touching your thermostat is ideal. One way you can do that is bundling up.


Throw on a sweater or use a blanket when inside to prevent the cold from getting to you.


Utilize the Sun
While in the summer you may want to block the sun out, inviting the sun in is a simple, natural way to heat up your home. Be sure to open up blinds and keep windows clear in order to allow the sunrays in.


Only Heat Certain Rooms
If you have some rooms you never use, don’t waste money heating them! Block off the vents in that room and redirect the heat towards you.


Add Insulation
Proper insulation can be a good way to keep warm this winter. It will prevent hot air from escaping and also keep cool air out. Consider revamping your insulation to maximize the heat.


Energy Star Equipment
Using energy star appliances helps ensure that you’re being efficient with your energy. Make sure all your appliances, both big and small, are energy star certified.


Use the Kitchen Exhaust Sparingly
While you may be used to using the kitchen exhaust, winter time is the time to get away from it. The exhaust takes away heat from the air, leading to colder kitchens and homes in general.


Your windows are the biggest culprits when it comes to letting hot air out. Resealing them can help you save big on your heating bill.


How to Make the Heating Bill Hurt Less
Your heating bill can be a real strain during the winter time. With the steps listed above, you can keep yourself and your home warm at a fraction of the cost. Replacing old worn out heating equipment is a big decisions, we offer a wide range of energy efficient equipment backed by the best warranties available in the market today as well as low financing options designed to fit every budget. Contact Chase Heating today to take your heating bill even lower.


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