Minimize Heat Loss to Reduce Your Monthly Bills

Set Your Thermostat Back 7°-10°F for 8 Hours to cut costs

It can save you up to 10% annually on cooling and heating simply by flipping your thermostat back 7°-10°F for 8 hrs each day from the ordinary setting.  To get this done very easily, purchase a programmable thermostat. By decreasing the temperature for 8 hours a day, it will save you roughly $83 dollars annually.  Heading out to go on vacation?  You can set it reduced to 55 degrees (without having to worry regarding your pipes freezing). Switching the heating system temperature lower during the night and then back up each morning will save a great deal of energy.

Replace that Older Furnace by using a High-Efficiency Furnace

Based on Jill Murphy, senior product marketing and advertising manager, residential heating, Lennox Industries Inc., “Updating an older furnace that is 60 % efficient with one that is 98 % efficient can help to save homeowners as much as $11,469 over the life of the system.”  Wow, $11,000+ that definitely offsets the upgrading of your HVAC system. If you’re updating an older furnace with a high-efficiency (90%+) furnace, you ought to see cost savings on the heating bills of 25% – 30%.

Examine and Seal Your Ductwork

Research has shown 10 to 30 % of heated (or cooled) air within a typical system escapes from ductwork. Ductwork that leak air into an attic or crawl space will add 100’s of dollars annually to your cooling and heating bills. The ductwork that carries the heated air through your house will frequently come to be damaged with age. When this happens, you’re opening up your indoor air up to microscopic air pollutants that can worsen asthma and allergy signs and symptoms and adversely have an effect on your overall well-being.

Seal Air Leaks around the house

Sealing air leaks can help to save as much as 10% in heating bills. Most leaks are usually fixed using a simple caulking gun. This will increase your Indoor Air Quality  Heating and cooling products get dirty quickly. When this debris and dirt is not cleaned f

Change Your Furnace Filter in order to avoid Problems

You might have changed it by the end of the heating season, or on the other hand, you might have neglected to change the filter at all. A new filter price is minimal, whilst a furnace costs a great deal, why take a risk in harming it?

Changing the filter (or cleaning up a permanent filter) is not difficult and puts you on the right path to setting up your furnace for the winter season. Making use of old filters places much more stress on the compressor and can result in mechanical breakdowns over time. Filters and coils ought to be cleaned to ensure the dirt inside doesn’t circulate in your house. Thoroughly clean or replace filters on furnaces monthly or as suggested. Dirty filters make your furnace work much harder. At the very least, you ought to replace a disposable filter twice yearly (summer and winter) most manufacturer’s recommendation are every 3 months.

Be sure to clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators when necessary. Make certain that they are not obstructed by furnishings, carpeting, or curtains.

Pay attention for Unusual Sounds or Unusual Smells

High-pitched squeal? It may be a slipped or frayed blower belt. Loud sounds are usually an indication of a mechanical issue. Pay attention for banging, popping, rattling, and squealing sounds.

Check around and literal sniff the furnace and the room it is in. Does the area have the aroma of rotten eggs? It may be a gas leak. Moldy, grimy smell? Look for any oil leaks. Metallic or iron smells? It may be a sign of the furnace motor beginning to have problems.

Make a Tune-up Appointment Early in the Season

In a perfect world scheduling a furnace tune-up pre-season or even early in the season would be a wonderful thing.  Most of us are so busy with our daily responsibilities this, unfortunately, falls to a much lower priority.  However that all changes when you go to your thermostat and call for heat and nothing happens. Don’t let this happen to you and your family. Keeping your HVAC system in great working order always payoffs in the long run. Be sure that your furnace is prepared for winter, call Chase Heating Company for a tune-up appointment. We highly recommend that you consider having one of our technicians perform a thorough inspection and ensuring that your system will keep you and your family cozy and warm this winter.