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Tuneup Specials

$20 off AC Tune-Up 

$30 off complete system Tune-Up

No Interest for 18-Months on New System Installation (OAC)

Mini-Split/Package Units are additional cost call 503-254-1274 for a quote on these units.

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

A yearly inspection will help maintain your furnace running effectively which help steer clear of expensive repairs. Planning routine furnace maintenance offers lots of benefits:

Lowered power costs – Once the winter season occurs, your home heating expenses rise while you attempt to help keep your loved ones protected from the cold weather conditions outside the house. With appropriate upkeep each year, your furnace will be kept working at optimum efficiency—lowing your expenses with out reducing comfort.

Prolonged equipment life-span – To ensure your furnace works best for years to come, you have to routinely maintain it. Routine upkeep enables your furnace to function much more efficiently, which will let it run beyond the typical heating system.  Less equipment failures – With typical upkeep, our heating professionals can discover small, fixable troubles before they turn out to be bigger, more expensive trouble.

Increased air quality – The intensive cleaning our company carries out does more than simply improve the effectiveness of your system! By eliminating the dust and dirt out of your furnace system, we are getting rid of contaminants from your residence that the furnace would certainly distribute in to the air you breathe in. By the doing this the air in your residence will become cleaner, and much easier to breathe. A genuine benefit to people who are suffering from allergy symptoms!  Improved overall comfort. A well-maintained system does its job much better; it is as easy as that. You will not only see reduced expenses and fewer requirement for repairs, but your furnace will also supply much more even, higher-quality warmth, allowing you to be more at ease all year long.

Benefits of a Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Having your air conditioner tuned up in the early months of spring before the really hot weather hits, will help your home to be nice and cool as well as comfortable. An annual tune-up can also help your cooling system live longer.

With a tune-up the whole system is cleaned which makes it run more efficiently. A tune-up also helps keep down some of the wear and tear that could happen to your unit. With the tune-up making your unit run more efficiently, it helps you save money in the long run, and the cleaned unit will heat faster. Having your system checked before it gets hot will save you time (finding a certified HVAC professional to come out to repair it) and also stop the frustration of having no cool relief.

If you wait until it gets really hot, both you and everyone else that waited to have a tune-up will have to wait longer, because there are only so many professionals available, and with everyone calling at the same time, it will take them longer to get to you. This could cause you to have to suffer in the heat of the summer months.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Tuneup

Routine upkeep will substantially improve your heat pump’s life-span as well as improving its overall performance. Chase Heating Company can improve your house’s energy-efficiency as much as 20% with our heat pump maintenance services. Our services will prevent any major problems from developing with your heat pump and keep it functioning optimally at all times.

Some of the benefits of our heat pump maintenance services include:

  • Increased Heat Pump Lifespan
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Cleaner Living Environment
  • Improved Temperature Control
  • Reduced Repair Costs